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I get it...

You have already invested a lot of time and effort into creating a better life and becoming free from the restrictions of the ego. 

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You want to create loving relationships with more 

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in your life and vocation

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But somehow you see very little progress?? This is quite frustrating to say the least...

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And you know what? I understand, I truly do.

If your experience is anything like mine, you probably feel like this:

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You love helping others and you have so much to give...

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But what about YOUR own needs???

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Who helps ME???

Is this familiar to you?

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Childhood trauma still bothering me.

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Negative people bothering me...

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I am trying soooooo hard to find happinness and peace

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Emotions out of balance

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ARGGHH!! Where is this inner peace?!

If so, you might at times feel like giving up, because this pattern keeps repeating...

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Doubts, sadness, frustration

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Feeling a little better...

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Some flow

(scared it won't last)

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Annoyed with myself...

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I'm back here again...

In my experience, it was almost impossible to break through this

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Until I discovered the magical healing tools of  my

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Is this what you really want?

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I use my experience to contribute to a


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High self esteem and self worth

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emotional balance

Feel really good about myself and about my life.

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Express myself creatively 

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Experience healthy and loving 


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Success, adventures & freedom

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Share my

with like-minded people

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Do you know what is

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Because I do...

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Important Notice

We humans create our reality from the inside out, so what is holding you back... is inside of you. More specifically, in your: 


Most humans are 10% conscious and a staggering 90% of their thoughts and emotions happen in their subconscious

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I am probably not talented/good enough

I have already tried so much to change my life... what's wrong with me?



I can never overcome my bad habits

No wonder change seems hard and even impossible for most people!

Have you ever heard 'you have to face your inner demons?

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Well, these inner

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are actually 

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of you that are in your subconscious.

These wounded parts do not heal by judging them.

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I should not be so resentful, sad/angry/judgy... ashamed. Why am I not more loving?

They DO heal with compassion, acknowledgement and simple (but very effective) transformational tools.

Once healed, their stuck energy is freed and becomes ...

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And when divine energy flows through you...

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It becomes so much easier (and enjoyable) to attract, manifest & create...

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Loving relationships

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High self-esteem & confidence

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Magical experiences like astral travels, open your 3rd eye,

communicate with angels & ascended masters

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Everything that makes your heart sing

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You see a clear path to all your desires...

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In my sessions...

I help you connect with your SUPER spirit guide and your team of helpers in heaven.

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They know exactly...

* What needs healing

*What you desire

*How to create that with ease and joy!

To book your HEart and Soul Session, Click

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And boost your spiritual journey!

Book my Session!
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Only book a session if you...

*Want to RISE up!

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*Are dreaming of a better

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