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I get it, you've done all the work, invested a lot of time and effort in your spiritual growth and in creating the life, relationships or vocation you want. You have studied spiritual teachers, you meditate (or have given that up) and are doing your utmost best to create a better life. 

But somehow you feel stagnated...

And you know what? I understand. I truly do. If your experience is anything like mine, you probably feel like this:
  • feeling low in my energy and wanting to give up

  • being judgy and harsh to myself

  • thinking I could never leave my traumatic childhood behind me

  • giving, giving and more giving but not getting my own needs met

  • scraping by financially and feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to change that

  • unable to find like minded people, resulting in a deep loneliness

  • suffering from an addiction to cope with negativity around me  

  • feeling unable to change my vocation to meet my own personal needs

  • dating emotionally unavailable people

Did you know you create your reality from the inside out?  
90% of this creation is determined by your subconscious. 

It makes perfect sense that if you feel stuck, trying to change that with only 10% of your conscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions is not very effective. 
All your experiences, beliefs, hurts and trauma's (from this lifetime AND previous lifetimes) are stored here. 


The subconscious is a powerful
co-creator, and by learning how it works and how to see what it's trying to show you, you can break free from these feelings once and for all.

When I work with you in my session, I not only help you to consciously understand why you hold on to certain beliefs and patterns, but most importantly, I help you truly heal your subconscious and let go of these non supportive beliefs and patterns.


What to Expect

Excavating negative patterns in the subconscious can be intense and emotional, I will not lie about that. I did find the perfect fit for me in that the tools they showed me are practical and in time ignited a childlike sense of adventure and playfulness in me.

Which has made my own healing process an adventure full of compassion and joy.  (add- and is what i bring to you)

During consultations I connect to your Higher Self, Inner Child and your team of Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones.

These Guides know exactly how this process of healing the conscious and subconscious will most effectively take place.


ALL topics can be discussed. For your team of non-physical helpers nothing is off limits.


Topics include:

  • how to have healthy relationships

  • how to safely make a career change as a professional

  • wanting to learn transformational skills as a coach

  • ignite your own spiritual growth

  • wanting to help others do the same

  • how to focus on your own personal development and self actualization

Your Guides are eager to help you!


To experience joy & abundance all around, to be in harmony with yourself & others, to fully awaken to your Devine Nature, to manifest according to the highest good and greatest joy for all of us!

What happens in a Heart & Soul Healing Session?

During the sessions I will ask you to share what is happening in your life and what your desires are. It does not matter if you want to work on private or work issues. 


If you are ready for a next step in your vocation or any creative project, ready to change patterns in your relationships, ready to experience more abundance, ready to grow your overall level of flow and happiness... Heart & Soul sessions will show you the way!


I will connect to your team of Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, your Inner Child and your Guardian Angels and share their wisdom with you. They know what is hidden in your subconscious, they know what is holding you back from creating your desires. 


Your Guides know the most effective way to heal!


The ego needs to let go of doubt, fear and control. Your team of Guides know exactly what you are ready to let go of and what works best for you. They have insider knowledge 😇.


When the ego is in a happy place, trusting and stable, the Soul can direct your life forward with a magic and efficiency that still humbles me.

Things just effortlessly fall into place with ease and flow when the ego relaxes and surrenders to the Soul.


Are you ready to experience a spirit lifting, deepest cleansing and magical Heart & Soul session?


  • clarity on my souls mission and the trust and inspiration to move forward

  • conscious awareness of my personal power as a Devine Creator

  • Law of Attraction working in my favor

  • safety and support to show my skills as a shaman to the world

  • feeling at home in a community of like minded consciousness shifters 

  • financial growth

  • balance in giving and receiving in my relationships

  • overcoming my addiction without forcing myself

  • having a direct communication with Archangels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones 

  • joy for life, inner peace, focus, clarity, confidence, love for myself...