My life was a bootcamp for a spiritual healer.

Full of neglect and emotional abuse. That was the driving force within me to find ways to heal my traumatic past and discover my true powers.


After about a dozen therapists, reading every book, going to every class, listening to every guru, I still felt stuck, stagnant. Like things weren't moving they way they could.


Almost ready to give up on project Baukje + Earth = happiness, something within me unlocked. A channel opened, and I was flooded with new understanding of how to communicate with my subconscious and get guidance from my team of Spirit Guides directly.

When my subconscious was unlocked, I experienced more growth and change than in all my decades of therapy and personal growth work put together. And I knew I had to share this gift.

So in 2009 I became a life coach and teacher, and I am so grateful for the 1,000+ individuals who have allowed me to help them listen to and heal their subconscious so they could live a full life.

"Playing drums is about shifting energy, leading people to higher places. I realized I'd been coaching people my whole life!"
Baukje drummer 1.jpg

As a professional Blues and Punk-Rock drummer for 20 years, I acted as the guide for the band and the audience, much like drummers of indigenous tribes do.


With a clear vision in my heart for where the music could take us, I used my drums to get more out of the soloist or bring the audience to their feet. And I do the same with you.


In coaching, I use these same visionary and leadership skills (minus the drums!) to see into your subconscious, carry the vision for your potential and guide you to a state of clarity and acceptance of your human and higher selves, with the help of my guides and yours. 


From this place, real change can take root and finally grow.

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