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BAUKJE [bow-key-ahh]

-native Dutch, female name meaning: a beautiful future.

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My childhood was bootcamp for a spiritual healer

As a child, neglect and abuse was in my daily reality. I felt like an alien, not connected to anyone. These experiences became a driving force within me to find joy and happiness.

As a twenty-year-old punk rocker, I decided to become a professional drummer.

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Playing the drums is about Shifting energy.

Leading the band and the audience into a collective transcendent experience was like having a group orgasm.

I had found heaven!

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In my personal life, the search for joy and happiness led to about a dozen therapists, reading every book, going to every class and listening to every guru.

I experienced some change, but not the change I so desired.

In my early 40's, tired of the R&R lifestyle,


I had been coaching people my whole life!

I became a life coach.

In 10 years of coaching 1,000+ highly educated empaths, I noticed something very important in my own growth and that of my clients...

Working with the conscious mind,
(which is just 10% of us) does not result in lasting change.

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Grrr... why is change so hard?!

In my own search for freedom from my childhood traumas, I discovered the power of the subconscious (the other 90%!)  It seems obvious, if a car has four flat tires, inflating just one of them 50% does not work to get the car moving to the desired destination...

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I also discovered a truth that had been staring me in the face for a long time...

When I started to work on healing the

and negative beliefs that were hiding in my subconscious, I experienced more change than in all the decades of therapy and personal growth put together.

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I am a shaman

And I have been for Many lifetimes...

With the Maya's, Inca's, Hopi, and the Moriori tribe.  My mission in all these lives has been to help people find joy in their true, authentic, divinely human self. In other words:

Heaven on earth!

Are you curious what ways a shaman uses to shift energy?

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Try my FREE

Meditation now to discover your own, personal SUPER spirit guide!

Your meditation is on the way! Be sure to check your junkbox.

And the artwork on this website?

All drawn in collaboration with my team of helpers in heaven and my own

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