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Sessions & classes to help you receive the loving healing + creative solutions from your own cosmic creative genius. 

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

Negative energy from others?

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Emotional rollercoaster

Hard to move forward?

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Doubts and Insecurities

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Is This You Too?

I want to contribute to a better world

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drawing of a female with empath on her shirt

I want to help others

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I want to rise up!

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Is This What You Want?

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I radiate love and harmony!

My contribution to a better world fills me with pride and joy.

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I feel joy for life!

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I feel excited and confident about my creative projects!

I see a clear path to my desires!

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Did You Already...

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Read books to find answers?

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Listen to spiritual teachers?

But you still feel there is something missing??

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Did you know that there is a Spirit Guide, waiting for you... so eager to help you... in YOUR OWN HEART?!!!

This spiritual guide is THE KEY to unlock your own Cosmic Creative GENIUS!

illustration of a heart with a child inside it

This guide will help you transform...

illustration of an unhappy face


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Clear Intuition

My own creative genius skyrockets!

I communicate with Angels & Ascended Masters!

I channel guidance from the Masters of the Universe.

Desires manifest



How Is It Most People Don't Know About this Super Spirit Guide in Their Heart?

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illustration of a stressed woman
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Because in the spiritual waking up process, we are re-discovering this ancient knowledge so that we can connect to our 

illustration of the words divine power

Let me help you rediscover this all-knowing


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and show you how to receive their 

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This Meditation

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to Discover Your Own Personal, SUPER Spirit Guide!

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Your meditation is on the way! Be sure to check your junkbox and give it about 15 minutes :)


"Baukje is the Real Deal..."

Baukje has the compassion of an Angel with the wisdom of an ancient shaman. She is gifted in ways beyond measure and with such a vast array of her own life experiences, she is able to relate to anyone, going through a challenging life transition. Baukje is the "real deal," and all who are willing to dive deep into their inner selves will benefit from her coaching! 

-Belinda Womack- Author, channel for the 12 archangels, spiritual messenger 

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Sessions & Classes

Spiritual growth and re-discovering your own genius can be challenging, I won't lie to you. After going through my own transformations, and helping over a thousand others with theirs, I know it can also be enjoyable! I use tools and methods that are frank, fun, motivating and inspire creative joy so your growth is a process that you LIKE working on (and not a chore you have to do).

Discover, learn & breakthrough at your own pace
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