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sessions & classes to help you befriend your subconscious so you can experience  breakthrough & move into the life you want.

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I've given thousands of sessions.

And while techniques for stilling the mind and shifting vibration are necessary, the most profound and effective way to create real, life altering change is through the subconscious.

Lasting change can't happen until you work on the level of the subconscious.

Do you feel stuck in a life you don't want no matter how much personal and spiritual work you do?


The subconscious is actually communicating what we need in order to create the life we want all day, every day. But this can be hard to see because our egos want to stay in the safety and comfort of what it knows- even when it may not be good for us.

As a professional drummer for 20 years, my job was to envision a path for a song, a set, even the night, and lead the band members into our highest potential with the beat of my drums.

I use this same ability to tune into the music of your soul, to know where you need to go via the messages of your subconscious and lead you there so you can experience it yourself.

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Sessions & Classes

While 'spiritual' work and working with the subconscious can be challenging, After going through my own transformation, and helping thousands of others with theirs, I know it can also be fun! I use tools and methods that are frank, fun, motivating and inspire joy so your growth is an enjoyable process.

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One-on-one sessions to catapult your transformation
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Conversations with Baukje on how to heal the subconscious and enjoy living your life.
Discover, learn & breakthrough at your own pace
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Get started by downloading my free class

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This is where we'll put enticing, descrpiptive copy for the opt-in

This is where we'll put enticing, descrpiptive copy for the opt-in

This is where we'll put enticing, descrpiptive copy for the opt-in

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"Life changing, without a doubt!"

I had a ‘fine’ life, as others would tell me, but deep down I wasn’t feeling happy. Baukje has helped me to discover and follow my own feelings and intuition. 

Doors have opened I did not even know existed…


And my gut is telling me that this is just the beginning of the effect that the sessions with Baukje have brought me.

Without a doubt I can whole heartedly recommend Baukje!


—  Elvin Rouest, Entrepreneur